Submit to the SCREAM it off SCREEN Short Film Gong Show in the Twin Cities

 ((( (( (usually) )) )))

First Fridays

The Parkway Theater


Next Show: September 30

Deadline: September 28

Read carefully before submitting:

Each person is permitted ONE submission / competition.

Submitting more than ONE film, even if on behalf of another,

will result in banning you from the competition FOR 8 YEARS.

If there are more than 15 entries, we'll give precedence to filmmakers new to the competition.

If this number exceeds 15, we'll resort to drawing names from a lottery.

If your entry doesn't make it into the competition,

you may submit the same film until it makes it into the show. No edits required. 

Films that have compete in the online show are permitted to enter

the show at the Parkway as well. No edits required.

If a film was gonged at a previous competition,

filmmakers are invited to re-work it and try it out on the audience again. Substantial edits required.

Submission Form
Below are entry requirements. Check all that apply to your film entry. If you can’t check all boxes, this is not the competition for you. If caught lying, you’ll be banned for 8 years.

Good Work Detective.

If you're seeing this, we've got your entry.

Email any questions to

See you Friday, Sept 30th

Doors open @7pm. Don't be Late. Be Early