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"Best" Suited for You

The Simple One

“Ick! An alien!” - that’s the most common reaction to SCREAM it off SCREEN. If you’re in the audience, you can yell “GONG” if you don’t like one of the short films. The show is not geared towards horror specific things; it’s also not just a film festival. This is an immersive, highly emotional, experience people are calling SCREAM it off SCREEN. The Battle of the "Best" will be a showdown between the 12 winning films of 2023. The audience decides who will win an enormous cash prize and advance to the 12 year championship bracket taking place sometime in May 2035.

The “Fun” One for Beginners

An Exercise in the Law of Attraction 

Close eyes & picture this:

  1. You are cool. 

  2. You have been “peaking” for the last decade. 

  3. You have a loose, but firm finger on the pulse of local art, culture, and entertainment. 

  4. You have heard of the monthly short film “gong show” called SCREAM it off SCREEN, but (prior to doing this exercise) you’ve been too boring + lazy to go.

  5. You are informed that SCREAM it off SCREEN’s 12 winning short films of last year will be competing at the enchanting Fitzgerald Theatre in May.

  6. You realize being seen at this event could add 2-3 inches to your social depth.

  7. You purchase tickets and consider outfits for the evening.

  8. You exude creative energy and inspire those around you. 

  9. You are considered the “best” friend of 6 or 7 different people.

  10. You easily overcome obstacles and are complimented on your general essence and/or smell daily.


The Serious One

Experience SCREAM it off SCREEN with an unforgettable night of short films, music, mascots, and other stuff. SCREAM it off SCREEN is like the gong show, but for short films.  A few minutes into every film, the audience is given the opportunity to yell “GONG” if they’re not enjoying it. If the majority of the audience is yelling “GONG”, the SIOS™ GONG will be struck and the film will be cut short, no longer eligible to win the cash prize. After all films have played, the winner is decided by crowd favorite. Join SIOS™ host Terry, mascot Screamy (plus friends), and the SIOS community as we pick the ultimate winner of 2023. It’s the Battle of “Best”, a night full of moments to remember, guaranteed.


For the Experts:

Let’s show the newcomers what SIOS is all about by performing what we (will) have been practicing for last 3 months. Storylines are about to thicken like King’s classic Mardi Gras stew, or Natalie’s corn waffle batter. New characters will be introduced. Will they be heroes or villains? Terry will dazzle us with yet another hidden talent. Don’t miss a chance to hit the SCREAMy buck lottery. Also, someone gets voted off and someone wins immunity.

If you've been hesitant about getting tickets because you think we're going to start the show with the national anthem, think again! We've decided to skip the national anthem because we will be very short on time.

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