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SCREAM it off SCREEN is a short film competition where audience members decide what gets GONGED and which film wins the CA$H prize. It takes place the first Friday of every month at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis. It's free to submit and everyone is given an equal opportunity to compete, however, precedence is given to filmmakers who are able to attend the event in-person, and filmmakers who are new to the competition.

"I'm interested in this. What can I expect?"

Firstly, we'd like to say this is like no event you've been to before. Yes, it's a short film competition, but it's also much more and it’s hard to explain.

Each month’s competing films are played at random. None of the films are prescreened or preselected by the organizers and no one knows what will play. You will love some and you will hate some. Audience members have the power to scream films off screen by yelling GONG, but they cannot make a peep until the red light gives them permission. 


- Films less than 4 minutes get the red light at the half way point.

- Films more that 4 minutes get the red light at the 3 minute mark.


If you're enjoying a film others are attempting to gong, you will yell "LET it PLAY" to combat them. If the majority is yelling "GONG", we'll hit the gong, the film will be cut short and no longer be eligible to win the cash prize. 


If it sounds like a toss up between the 'gongers' and the 'let it play-ers', the film will be paused, and all in favor of letting it play will be asked to stand. If the majority is standing, the film will be played in its entirety, and the red light will be turned off, meaning haters need to sit and watch in silence (no matter how much it hurts). Majority rules.


At the end of the night, the winner is determined by crowd applause.


You should be prepared to kiss your inhibitions bye-bye.

You should also be prepared to scream.

How to Win: 

All films that don't get gonged with be eligible to win the BIG NASTY prize. The winner is determined by crowd applause at the end of the night. Winners will go on to compete in The Best of The Best of The Year (more details to come).

What's the BIG NASTY Prize: 

$101.01 fatties. In order to fund BIG NASTY, we need help from the little people like you. Chip in if you can. All donations up to $101.01 go straight to the winner, anything above and beyond goes towards keeping SCREAM it off SCREEN alive and buying more fun toys to entertain you with.

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