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SCREAM it off SCREEN is a short film competition where audience members real-time vote"LET it PLAY" or "GONG it"on each film. It airs LIVE on YouTube the first Friday of every month. It's free to submit and watch. Submissions are entered into a lottery and 15 contestants are randomly selected by MR. BALL 15 minutes prior to showtime.

15 short films compete at each month's show. Audience members are signaled to vote when a red square enters the corner of the screen. A link to vote is provided in the chat. 


- Films less than 4 minutes get the red light at the half way point.

- Films more than 4 minutes get the red light at the 3 minute mark.

If "GONG it!" is the majority, the film will be cut short and we'll move on to introducing the next. Gonged films are not eligible to win the cash prize, but can be reworked and reentered to a competition in the future.

Each viewer casts one vote for their favorite film at the end of the night. The winner will then be announced LIVE on AIR. 

In order to provide the winner with a BIG NASTY CASH PRIZE we need help from people like you, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, and strangers. Chip in if you can. All donations up to $101.01 go straight to the winner, anything above and beyond will go towards keeping SCREAM it off SCREEN alive and well.