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Moments to Remember

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February 3, 2023

WINNER: "Microwave Spider"  by Derek Bauer

02_03_2023 Winner Derek.jpg


"The Smell" by Chunky Milk Productions

"Hoodrat Spiritual Shit" by Caitlin Juvland

"Pesadilla 31" by Esteban Mundo

"There’s A Spot" by Joey Hamburger**

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1E6 Scream Edition - Day 40" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Icerus" by Jonathan Vinson

"Negracha" by Miriam Lea, Mike Hussey

"Microwave Spider" by Derek Bauer*

"The Three Year Itch" by Tony Capes

"Saturday Morning" by Mr. “Busted” Hank Twitchy

"Jungle" by Jacob Kelso, Joy Ford, Jud Nichols, Megan Mac, Mike Bredon

"Water" by Lily Berg***

"Sundae Surprise!" by Cody Klipsic

"The Pickle Jar" by Sam Thompson

January 6, 2023

WINNER: "Scary Car"  by Simple Town

01_06_2023 Winner Simple Town.jpg


"Speed Bumps Ahead" by David Evans

"Mail Call episode 2: SIOS - T: Scream It Off Screen" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"The Puppet King" by Kyle & Nick Farx (the Farx Bros)

"What The Grinch is doing right now" by Cody Klipsic ***

"Signal" by Steven Lapcevic

"Robot Escapes" by “Buzz” Beeman

"Thirty-One Infinities" by Matt Semke **

"The Sound of Winter" by Alan Tracy

"Scary Car" by Simple Town *

"Don't Get Made At Me, I Made This In My Menstrual Cycle" by Caitlin Juvland

"Polar Plunge" by Pavel Sidorenko and Ivan Sovostyanov



December 9, 2022

WINNER: "Nurse Meow and The Hunt For Sexy Bigfoot"  by John W.T. & Sam Kurd 

12_09_2022_Winner Sam and John_V2.jpg


"Zombowl" by Tim Allen Maxwelle Cecil

"The Miller's Tale - SIOS Premiere" by Jim Middleton**

"Disfigurement" by Jordan Michael Arteaga***
"Survive" by Mizzion Smith

"The Goon"  by Sean Park
"What is the Matter with You?" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Out for Delivery"  by Sam Morgan

"Madam Stramoni's Castle Getaway" by Chris Shadbolt

"SEEDS"  by Austin Richard Wilson

"Disco Nap Fever Dream" by David K Greene, Nate Kelly

"Nurse Meow and The Hunt For Sexy Bigfoot"  by John W.T. & Sam Kurd*

December 2, 2022

WINNER: "Betwixt" by Matt Semke & Thomas C. Lang 


"Secret Santa: Silent Night" by Josh Scott Sibley

"Counting Sheep" by Tony Juliano

"Betwixt" by Matt Semke (Animator) & Thomas C. Lang (Composer)*

"A Dream is Born"  by Canin Carlos Apriori-Mendoza

"Some Guy Goes to Hell" by Stephen Kubiak & Mary Danielson***

"Christmas Reunion" by Chris Onderick, Steve Onderick, and Chris Lange

"The Meaning" by Seth Argen"Can Our Love Last?" by Tristan Crawford**

"I'm Not Psycho, I'm Cyclical" by Caitlin Juvland

"What is the Matter With You?" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"The Box" by Josh Mruz

"The Succor Holiday Special" by Cody Klipsic

November 11, 2022

WINNER: "In Us We Trust"  by Jasper Jimenez


"Dreams of a Star" by Matthew Hunter

"ZC Season 2 Episode 3: Stars & Stripes" by Alex Gooding

"Killers and Kilos" by Josh Rutgers**

"Blossom"  by Tanner Hamilton***
"Baby Whatever" by Tracy Lee Harrington

"In Us We Trust"  by Jasper Jimenez*

"Shoe Comedy" by Stephen Kubiak

"Blood At First Sight"  by Mateo Giovannini

"Never Alone Again" by Andre Paras

"1986"  by Lev Ettinger

November 4, 2022

WINNER: "The Dog Sitter" by Sam & Stephen Wayne



"A Marty's Place Is In The Resistance" by Joah Colby & Brian Thoes

"The Foot" by The Farx Brothers

"Game Night:  DRINK-a-long version" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Killer Hike 7" by Justin & Kristin Schaack

"Power Pack Snack" by Carey & Mike Marshall

"The Dog Sitter" by Sam & Stephen Wayne*

"The Cockers of Consciousness" by Caitlin Juvland

"Sleep Machine" by Jason Ewert***

"Gamer + NyQuil = Time Travel?!" by Stephen Kubiak & Mary Danielson**

"917" by Evan Ryan, Phil Rice

"Teaser for The Hammock Slashers" by Alex Forsey, Michael Farrell & Bobby Becker

"Bright Light" by    John Gigrich

October 14, 2022

WINNER: "Preliminary Materials"  by Brendan Sweeny

10_14_2022_Winner Brendan.png


"Juvenile Descent" by Franco Censabella

"The Snake That Ate Itself" by Kevin Carpio

"Picky Eater" by Josh Callahan-Foley**
"Down" by Pete Haase

"Nocturnal"  by Foks Lo
"Lullaby" by Gabriel Portillo, Emma Barany

"Preliminary Materials"  by Brendan Sweeny*

"BMI" by Alexander Franklin Smith

"The Path to Achieve God Consciousness"  by Abraham Marquez

"Finding Filman" by Kevin Anglin, Brian Regal

"Small Time"  by Cole Kirkendall

September 30, 2022

WINNER: "Every Time We Meet for Ice Cream Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes" by Anthony Cousins


"h080.5 : MPLS." by Rumay Ali and Co.

"Shark Attack" by Stephen Kubiak

"Exaggerated Honesty" by Tim Lovett

"Dialogue" by Kevin Andrews

"The Case of the Red Carpet Mystery" by Valerie Rose

"Behemoth" by Deacon Warner

"Highway 69" by Caitlin Juvland

"Rose" by Tony J.

"Kassandra and the Bus" by Julie Jao***

"Shoelaces" by Remy Chacón

"Every Time We Meet for Ice Cream Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes" by Anthony Cousins*

"A Spooky Story for Halloween" by Mary Danielson

"Just Another Day" by Tristan Crawford

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E5 Scream Edition - THE FEAR" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"The Dungeons of Castle Drak II" by Dan Delano, Damian Walker

"Glacula" by SpamBologna: Sam Shimota & Toni Leonardi**

September 9, 2022

WINNERS: "Armchair Homosapien" by Luke Bechtel "SNAKE DICK"  by David Mahmoudieh


"3 Friends Who Fuckin' Hate Each Other - Opening" by James Phipps

"Freytag's Pyramid of Climactic Light" by Kai Swanson

"Armchair Homosapien" by Luke Bechtel *
"Twilight Electric - Self Portrait" by Vox Garbles

"SNAKE DICK"  by David Mahmoudieh *
"One Night" by Mark Herbinko & Yousuf Shahzad **

"Unseen Visitor"  by Alex Probst

"The Banana Manifesto" by Azalia Muchransyah

"you know the rules, john."  by David Denton

"TIME" by Steven Lapcevic ***

September 2, 2022

WINNER: "All For A Dollar" by Richard Orr (deceased - represented by daughter & granddaughter picture below)

Winner Photo_2022_09_02.jpg


"Caitlin and Brenna Take on Gustavus" by Caitlin Juvland

"Lovin' Life -- Anger" by Remy Chacón

"Labyrinth" by Taylor Fischer

"Tales of Oddness" by Craig Stalmer

"Printer" by Derek Bauer & Jes Kalina

"Space Boys" by Stephen Kubiak

"Late for Work" by Joah Colby

"FestiVista" by Bobby PIns

"All For A Dollar" by Richard Orr *

"Six Girls One Cup" by Aimee Chenal

"Yodel Boy from Wal-mart in the Future" by Cody Klipsic

"Bilowgeeni (Remix)" by Rumay Ali & Nemuel Sereti

"Ruby" by Kyle Thornton & Nick Michael

"Fitness Nuts" by Steve Onderick & Chris Lange

"Stinky’s Big Adventure - a Bush League Holiday Special of a Mike Honcho Joint" by Ryan J. Gilmer

August 12, 2022

WINNER: "Polterguest" by Jane Simonetti

Winner Photo_2022_08_12.jpg


"Pursuit Of A Jigsaw" by Sam Mizrahi-Powell ***

"Melinda's Late Night Talk Show" by Kevin Ralston & Laura Ornella

"Uvula" by James Middleton
"Polterguest" by Jane Simonetti *

"NOISE MACHINE"  by J. F. Tannen
"The Pipe Slayer" by Jacob DeLeon

"Strangest Feelin'  by THOMAS G. LEARY

"The Messenger" by Jessica Whitney Love

"POP"  by Brandon Victoriano

"Perfect Guy" by Pamela Ruth Maurer

"Not Quite Quarantine"  by Julian Lee **

August 5, 2022

WINNER: "THUNDERHEAD" by Paul Spring & Sophia Heymans



"F R E D" by Mary E Danielson


"THUNDERHEAD" by    Paul Spring & Sophia Heyman*

"El Burro" by    Cody Klipsic

"The Ides of May" by    Jack Rahill

"Enter the Documents: Part 2" by     Steve Onderick, Chris Onderick, Chris Lange

"All My Crayons (Kindergarten Soap Opera)" by    Caitlin Juvland

"The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds" by    Anthony Cousins **
"Stephen Kubiak Presents Stunt Tape: Volume 3 - Playground Antix" by    Stephen Kubiak

"Hope and Pocket Change" by    Joah Colby
"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E4 Scream Edition - Life 360 Revisited" by     Ryan J. Gilmer

"Ouroboros" by    Madeline Karita Fleming ,Death Calm Studios

"Agent Danger" by    Josiah McClellland ***

"Miss Wish" by    Craig Stalmer

"A Bowl of Soup" by    Lukas Olson

July 8, 2022

WINNER: "holding hands with the moon"  by Soah

07_08_2022_Winner Soah.png


"Southern Tale" by Triston Bernard Lavergne

"Keep calm" by Juan Netts
"Hope & Faith It's Up To You" by Ayden Kostzer
"SELF CONTROL" by Justin O'Neill

"Questo 3" by Gideon Kroutil
"A kid from Barinas" by Andres Sereno

"Missed Call"  by Jacob Medovoi

"A Journey Through The Void" by Jason Berger

"holding hands with the moon"  by Soah*

"Impermanence" by Vejune Sidaugaite**

"Debauchelor"  by T.C. De Witt***

July 1, 2022

WINNER: "Jesus Loves Us (As We Know)" by Sam & Asher Weisberg / Commutator Collective

(Rosie also pictured because if she hadn't given them covid, the film never would have happened)



"Lovin' Life -- Rat Teeth" by Remy Chacón

"Detached" by Emory Allen ***
"Mary Dan Food Review 3" by Mary Danielson
"The Efforts of Existing, pt. 1 The Girl" by Mai Moua Thao

"Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry, Part I"  by Samuel T Weston
"Jesus Loves Us (As We Know)" by Sam & Asher Weisberg / Commutator Collective *

"The Catastrophe  by Matt J Weber

"Enter the Documents (1 of 2)" by Steve Onderick
"To Be 17" by Lilliana Rice

"CATATONIC" by Brian Zahm

"Stanley Stories: Road Trip!" by Cody Klipsic

"Perfection Five" by Nick Knutson

"mi-fi"  by David Mair **

"Shoe Comedy" by Stephen Kubiak

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E3 Scream Edition - Game Night: Life 360"  by Ryan J. Gilmer

June 10, 2022




"You Got the Look" by Margarita Parreñas

"Lovin' Life" by Remy Chacón
"Disturbance" by Zachary Atkinson
"PANIC CATTACK" by Gavin South *

"The Greatest of Apes with C.G. - Scream it Off the Screen Fan Fiction Edition" by C B
"Befriending a Crow" by Chris Shadbolt

"YearBook"  by Luis Antonio Rodriguez

"The Interview" by Stacey Gill ***

"The Briefcase" by Jiri Balcar

"Quince" by Daniel Mart

"The Green House" by Cody Banks **

June 3, 2022

WINNER: "Egg" by Stephanie Ibarra & Anna Torzullo

june 6 winner_EGG.jpg


"I Have A Spherical Device That Can Control The Weather" by Cory Rosen

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E2 Scream Edition - Life 360" by Ryan J. Gilmer
"Birthday Boy" by Stephen Kubiak
"The Chair" by Chunky Milk Productions

"When All This Is Over"  by Calvin Keyes
"Once Upon A Time At Breakfast" by Zach Hammill

"Magic Invincible Chainmail Bikini Adventurer"  by Craig Stalmer

"An Occurrence at Owl Airport" by Henry Gillette
"Rays Of Nope" by
Billy Blob

"Egg" by Stephanie IbarraAnna Torzullo

"Black Coats Infomercial( 2010) StudentProject4KAnniversaryEdition" by Cody Klipsic

"Lovin' Life" by Remy Chacón

"Muffin Day"  by Pablo Jones

"Organs of the Hyperreal" by Steve Onderick

"Boozehound" by Tristan Crawford

May 13, 2022

WINNER: "The Trobie" by Phynley Joel



"Graveyard Spiral" by Evelyn Lee

"Outside the ring" by Mario Durán Araujo
"Horror Realm" by Matthew Mark Hunter
"REBIRTH . jpeg" by Elias ZX

"HALLOWFLIX & KILL"  by Destiny Soria
"Paul Pecho - Curtis Yellingmouth" by Paul Schlesier

"ZC Season 2 Episode 1: O'come Emmanuel"  by Alex Gooding

"Demons" by Janaya Jaree Chapman
"The Jackson Thunderbolt" by Jack Rahill

"The Trobie" by Phynley Joel

May 6, 2022

WINNER: "Look, Mira" by Kate McCarthy

may6 winner_Kate ONLY.jpg


"singing mule performs energy audit on green character's home" by Cody Klipsic

"Minnesota Grudge II" by Alex Woytcke, Pat Gilmore, Anton Edward
"She Shall Reign: Women in Paint" by Rachel Lauren Mueller
"Baby Listens" by Calvin Keyes

"We All Dream"  by Matthew Daniel Ford
"Look, Mira" by Kate McCarthy *

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E1 Special Edition - Safe @ Home!"  by Ryan J. Gilmer

"The Minnesota Standoff" by Alex Frecon & Collin Goodspeed
"Baby Time" by Stephen Kubiak **

"Memento Mori" by Daria Palenova

"Ford Clitaurus" by MP Cunningham & AJ Molle ***

"Get Happy" by zDaddy Divine

"THAT ANSWERS THAT"  by Will Neisen

"The Interview" by Jennifer Prettyman

"How ‘Bout Now" by Rob Walstead

March 11, 2022

WINNER: "The Kin" by Chris Conley

Mar 11 Winner Photo_Chris Conely.png


"Reservoir Reunion" by Nicholas Griffith

"The Kin" by Chris Conley *
"Fruitcake" by Jakob Ross
"Thirsty & Miserable: The Story of MANGEY MOUSEGOAT IN THE DESERT" by Patrick Scully

"The Conversation" by Kevin Overton
"Module 27: Dee Zire" by C B

"Pearl of the Harem"  by Elizabeth Acosta **

"The Boob Phone" by Aki Aitos
"Exiled - A Star Wars Fan Film" by Joshua Garretson ***

"Tooth Mesh" by Chris Rourke & Kyle Strang

March 4, 2022

WINNER: "Sho U What I Got" by Stephen Kubiak



"Thirst" by Patricia Fox

"Play Date" by Lynn Balfour
"Leads" by Kevin Noonan & Spencer Knott
"LOST IN THE WOODS (BAPTISM?) HIKING GONE WRONG!" by Cody Klipsic & Cory Rosen***

"Attaining Cosmic Consciousness"  by Tony J.
"The Intervention" by Ryan Becken & Brian McDonald**

"Mary Dan Food Review 2"  by Mary Danielson

"The Black Crow Dilemma" by Simon Redstone
"Sanctuary Sea" by Jesse "NEMO" Pruet

"One That Should be Thrown Back" by Craig Stalmer

"'Night" by Nick Michael & Alissa Efteland

"Sho U What I Got" by Stephen Kubiak*

"Four on Nine Twenty-Four"  by Zephyr Sheedy

"Beans" by “Kind” Oscar Finney

"Hit Stop" by The Brothers Grams (Ryan, David & Jonathan Grams)

"Hands" by Remy Chacón Music

February 18, 2022



"The Number 12" by Jed Bell  ***

"Maybe I'll See You Later - MOLD! [official music video]" by Barbara Citraro
"Billy The Farmer" by Alejandro Chamorro
"Solitary" by Jacob Solomon

"Out of the Shadow" by Brandon Brumfield
"AMIHAN" by Ji Stribling

"#1 Fan"  by Livia Rae

"(Just) Balloons" by Zahm Waters  **
"SUPER DILEMMA" by Chase Yi  *

"JUNGLE CURSE" by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge

"Completely Normal House Tour" by Khlöe Gwen

February 4, 2022

WINNER: "Mary Dan Food Review"  by Mary Danielson

2022_02_04 Winner Photo Final_Mary Dan.jpg


"Lettuce Man" by Stephen Kubiak

"fragile things music video, as introduced by Remy Chacón" by Remy Chacón
"SUCCOR" by Steven Lapcevic
"The Woodsman" by Jacob Carrigan

"Thrills and Chills - Enter at Your Own Risk - Volume 2"  by Ryan J. Gilmer
"Space Tiger Samurai" by Scotty Monten ***

"One That Should Be Thrown Back"  by Craig Stalmer

"Nothing More" by Steve Onderick & John Garrett
"The Host Cell" by Joey Hamburger **

"Call The Plumber" by “Kind” Oscar Finney

"LUV IS MDTATN" by Pamela Maurer

"Marked" by Taylor Fischer

"Mary Dan Food Review" by Mary Danielson  * 

"Dave & Derek Episode 4" by David K Greene

"Cody & Cory’s New Christmas" by Cody Klipsic

January 14, 2022

WINNER: "Oldboy's Apples" by Brad Hock



"Housecat" by Kate Costello     **

"Ding-Dong, Bitch" by Meagan Koleck
"Restless" by Emmanuel Wilson
"KYLE GOES TO MARS" by David C C Erickson

"Monsieur Mime" by Tatiana Paris

"Oldboy's Apples" by Brad Hock *
"Pee Pop's Apple Tree" by Zachorie Thomas

"St. Nick"  by Nick Dahlhoff

"Transcending Duality" by Alexa Lautenschlager     ***
"Seule Tod" by James Middleton

"Sparking Sunshine" by Phil Machi

January 7, 2022

WINNER: "Eating Alone in my Car" by Stephen Kubiak

Oct13_Winner Photo Final-1.jpg


"Eating Alone in my Car" by Stephen Kubiak

"Another Christmas Alone" Landyn Banx Official Music Video by Brandon Van Vliet

"Norman" by Craig S. Stalmer
"MUSH" by Thavisanimation
"Beaufort Spurtwinny Presents The Seagull by Anton Chekhov" by Niles Schwartz

"Learning to Live with Ghosts" by Erica Beebe
"Please Forgive Me" by Chet Mam

"Void"  by Tristan Crawford

"Road Rage" by Coleandoskarp Productions
"One of a Kind" by Juliana Howard

"Dad Reactsby Jake Mohan & Bill Hoben

"KASHIMAN" by Laura Mottseratz

"Party People Part 6 or Let's Be Cops 2" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Tolerance Break" by Cole Gray

"I Have Friends" by Tyler Perry



December 10, 2021

WINNER: "JUMBO" by Jennifer Nie



"Flour Girls" by Jonathan Ozburn and Christian Wilcox     ***

"On a Turquoise Cloud" by Jesse N. Hughes
"Unholy Spirit" by Moises Barragan
"Mittens" by Ramsey Attia     **

"Necro Lesbians" by Joe Cash
"MEDITATION GUIDE FOR 2020" by Jeff Page

"Psychic Psycho"  by Kevin Oko and Madison McMahon

"Barbed Wire Land" by Olivia Louise

"JUMBO" by Jennifer Nie   *
"Bugbear" by Gabrielle Esperanza Vines

"The Red Halloween" by Santos Ortiz-Pasterick

December 3, 2021

WINNER: "Octavia" by Chancellor Frisbee

Helena Winner.jpg


"The Last Supper" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Blood, Sweat, and Tiers" by Jojo Mercier
"Oracle" by Samuel T Weston
"Halloween Decay" by Arthur Snow

"Facing The Page" by Taylor Fischer
"Not Afraid But Scared" by Kay Jay Olson   ***

"Last Ride" by Craig Stalmer

"A Freaky date" by Marito

"Octavia" by Chancellor Frisbee  *
"Dead Living" by Tristan Crawford

"Cycle" by Nick Palodichuk
"Tennie Ball" by Thavisanimation  **

"Att;c" by Steve Makie

"Incomplete Dream" by EhKuDu

November 12, 2021

WINNER: "Lucid Dreams" by Isabella Potenziani

Nov 12 Winner Photo_Final.jpg


"Cowboy Joe" by Jingjing Tian

"The Fart" by Cole Gray
"Do Not Be Sorry" by David K Greene
"Network Decay" by August Schaller

"Cursed Camera" by Hunter Farris
"Franc Kooper Investigates Things Podcast" by Nath Milburn

"Damage Control" Official Music Video by Stepmom, directed by Lindsey Cox

"Method" by Lomai

"Lucid Dreams" by Isabella Potenziani
"This is a Perfect Soul Kiss" by Chris Shadbolt

October 13, 2021

WINNER: "Kerfuffle" Directed by Courtney Carter and Sarah McDaniel

Oct13_Winner Photo Final.jpg


"Squatter" by Ben Gruenbaum

"Dear NASA, Sincerely Lyle." by Michael Brandon Wright
"SEAT" by Dylan DeMarko

"Kerfuffle" Directed by Courtney Carter and Sarah McDaniel
"Love, Pizza and Zombies" by Seth Renauf

"Super Freaks" by Tim Hanson
"The Messenger" by Aaron "Chop Slaughter" Paige

"You Misssed a Spot" by Liam Walsh

"HYBRID" by Steven Lapcevic
"The Tale of the Bone Collector" by Matthew Mark Hunter

October 1, 2021

WINNER: "Dome Zone" by Liam Kaczmar and AJ Molle



"A.I." by Larry Wydra

"Hayfever" by Iris Page
"One got Away" by Craig Stalmer

"Dome Zone" by Liam Kaczmar and AJ Molle
"The Lonely Tree" by Felix Ulrich

"Detective Drews" by Penn Pauletich
"Lobsterbelly" by Jason P. Schumacher

"Lurking in the Dark" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Heartbreaker" by Dean Hatton
"Lloyd Kennedy Professional Sasquatch Photographer" by Rodney G Johnson

"News" by Thavisanimation
"Please Hold My Eyes" by Ches Cipriano & Jake Quatt

"The demon in my bathroom" by Riley Eastman

"They Return" by Carlos Omar De Leon

September 10, 2021

WINNER: "Esther Eats the Bible" by Paloma Gonzales

Paloma Winner.jpg


"Move Freely" by Kendall Terra

"Future Men of Yesterday" by Michael Lipton
"INNERVIEW" by Alex Bliss
"THE LOVING KIND" by Sasawat Loesrit

"Breath Deeper" by Brian Dinkel
"Hopper Bunker" by Jenni Nelson

"Sword Cam 1000!" by David Kasdan

"BLACK JEANS WHOA" by Bob Rose & Michael C. Stettes
"Big Mug" by Cody Millett

"Esther Eats the Bible" by Paloma Gonzales

September 3, 2021

WINNER:"Dough Joe" by Derek Loftis



"ET Go Home" by Tony J

"Blood, Sweat, and Tiers" by Jojo Mercier
"The Monster Within" by Ryan J Gilmer
"Backstabber" by Dean Hatton

"Moose and his Nuclear Winter of Discontent" by Chris Onderick
"Bully vs Nerd" by Content Machine (Tyler Perry & Michael Mazzitelli)

"Cartwheel" by Dane Cree

"The Good Doctor Lange's Hard Earned Work" by Steve Onderick
"The Devil Within Us" by Eslam Hozayen

"Dough Joe" by Derek Loftis
"Dead Mouse" by Joseph Dutra

"Teacher's Lounge"  by Josh Mruz with Special Effects by Matt Baehr

"the Door" by Chris Lange
"Eric Tronics" by Thavisanimation

August 6, 2021

WINNER: "Homeward Clown" by Allison Power

2021_08 Winner Photo.png


"Homeward Clown" by Allison Power

"The Bus: EP 2" by Bless Williams

"Cubesmart Cages" by Wallace Hallot
"A Special Message From The V.T.C.W.D." by Kyle Strang & Chris Rourke
"Forever" by Mitch McGlocklin

"We’re Having A Party And Everyones Invited" by Arius Ziaee
"Pickled Pussy Peter" by Aki Aitos

"The Worst Made-For-TV Movie of the 90s" by F Clint DeNisco

"Celia's Dream" by Victor A. Martin
"Why is Skydiving on Everyones Bucketlist?" by Parker Thompson
"LEAPLIVES" by Jonathan Manuel Camargo Labeau

"The Break Up"  by Travis St. Marthe

"Pick Me Up!" by Alex Cherney
"Father Christmas" by Tanner McGarr

July 9, 2021

WINNER: "d00dbuffet -- Tyler's Jackass Audition" by Willy Wonkers

2021_07 Winner Photo_DILRON #2.png


"Romance" by Giorgi Tkemaladze

"Space Time - Italian Comedy Man" by Willie

"Scared Straight But For Plants" by Carly Lieberman
"devilz" by Russell Norman
"Warrior Race" by Larry De La Briandais

"d00dbuffet -- Tyler's Jackass Audition" by Willy Wonkers

"What The Ding Dong" by Vinnie Langdon III
"the temperamental eye" by Tristen Ives

"Crypto Ban City" by Nathan Montez

"Behemotht" by Deacon Warner
"LE GOUSHQUE in 4D" by DANIIL SAFONOV --- 2nd Place
"The First Snow" by Kyle Bastin

"Beyond the Gloves"  by Jerald Juarez --- 3rd Place

"Señora Océano" by Omar De Leon
"Neo New Jersey" by J. Cella

June 4, 2021

WINNER: "Bigfoot's Spring Break" by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge

2021_06 Winner Photo.png


"NUMBLEYPEG" by Nick Ogden

"Lava Bed Batsby Eli Michael Copperman & Celine Krempp

"Frank and Mungo's Worm Son" by Austin Oliver
"It's a Beautiful Bridge" by Kevin Ralston
"In the Water's Wake" by Sarah Kennedy

"Croaking Criminals" by Olivia Flores-Nieves
"Memorial Day ‘20" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Roommate Debate" by John Sekula III

"Moose and his Nuclear Winter of Discontent" by Chris Onderick
"Solus" by Alexandra McDowell
"Rip Rexler (A Cowboy in Search for Water)" by Nath Milburn

"Newt: The Invincible Ball Boy"  by Corey Boynton

"Thank You For The Funnies" by Julia Minichello
"CAW" by Ricky Glore

"Bigfoot's Spring Break" by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge

May 7, 2021

WINNER: "Jellybrains" by Michael Kling

2021_05 May Winner Photo.png


"Cleanliness" by Kevin Lucero Less

Counterpartby Navi Mcsharry **

"Jellybrains" by Michael Kling *

"The Passion & Ecstasy of St. Brigitta" by Tij D'oyen
"LIFE CYCLE" by David C.C. Erickson
"Great Gig In The Sky" by Cody Millett

"The Hound" by Stanislaw W. Wojciechowski
"Lunarcode: Heartbrerak" by Vincenzo Carubia and Jessica Gillette

"SUNDOWN TOWN" by Mylo Butler ***

"Casual Friday" by Jacob Tummino
"Brilliant at Breakfast" by Alan Del Tufo
"The Oni" by Brad Rundblade

"LUV IS MDTATN (love is meditation)"  by Pamela Maurer

"Doom Conference Episode One" by Drew Vaeth
"Sunny Buds" by Matthew Wilson

April 2, 2021

WINNER: "Scavengers!" by Emmanuel Ramirez



"The Barn" by Seth Young

"The Natural Museum of History" by The Video Kideo

"Lone Rider" by Henrique Bouduard
"Growth Spurt" by Holly Ren
"Within" by Jerome de Gourville
"Loss, Change, and Follow" by Kyle Eddy
"Thundercock" by Andrew Crocker ***

"Scavengers!" by Emmanuel Ramirez *

"The Hortus and The Tare" by Rob Steinberg and Randall Parker

"Final Shot" by Alejandro Chamorro
"A Stroll Through the Woods" by Nick Wiench
"The Runs" by Zack Dictakis
"There Were Four of Us" by Cassie Shao **
"Jungle" by Ferron Green
"Push Through" by Aki Aitos

March 5, 2021

WINNER: "Craigslisters - Story Time - Horny Fart" by Willie Maglothin



"Bygone: The Cassette" by Ben Williams & Anushka Daga

"GAME ON" by Ryan Gilmer

"Doctor Peepenstein" by David Mair, Rebecca Jo Malmström, Adam Overland ***

"please hold my hand" by Ches Cipriano & Jake Quatt

"THE FEAR" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Craigslisters - Story Time - Horny Fart" by Willie Maglothin *

"Jado: A Sith Story" by Ryne Myhrberg

"Serious Business" by Spencer Knott & Kevin Noonan

"Birding" by Keanu Burke & Dylan Kaufman

"I'll Be Home (Immaculate Beings)" by Karla Mellett

"Dominos: It's Your Fault " by Alexandra Derderian & Niklas Kelliher of Triple Yeah Productions

"TWENTY TWENTY - Part 1" by Dave Sweeney & Nicholas M. Garofolo

"Ballet Floss" by Erin and Caro

"Hubbards" by Kevin Ralston **

"The Host Cell" by Joey Hamburger

"Dogman" by Spencer H and Sam

"The Legend of Red Shroud" by Stewart McLain

February 5, 2021

WINNER:"Heart Bit" by Zoe Vanden Berk *



"Salt and Sand" by Doug Phillips

"GAME ON" by Ryan Gilmer

"Quarantina" by Chris Knutson, Steve Reinke, and Jesse Robb ***

"Sexy Ghost" by Jon Schwolsky, Angelica Davila & David Zepeda)

"Heart Bit" by Zoe Vanden Berk *

"How I Make Friends At Work" by Sam Lanier **

"Banjo-jo" by Karla Mellett

"Third Date" by Robbie Knutsen, WIlliam Hoben and Amanda Jacobson

"Roommates." by Tyler Schuelke

"Transportation" by Eric Haugen and Caige Jambor of The Rebellious Vixens

"Copycut Scanfill" by Colin Stanhill

"Supa Predator 2020" by Jo.Blakk

"I Want It Back" by Deacon Warner

"What is Art?" by Patrick

"The Tour" by John Gigrich

January 1, 2021

WINNERS: "KO kid" by Karla Mellett  and "Rough Cut" by Spencer Knott and Kevin Noonan


"The Troubled Oath" by Mary Freni & Peter Tison

"bencil, the pencil - episode 1" by ThavisAnimation ***

"Deskercise" by Foreign Fauna

"KO kid" by Karla Mellett *

"The Shifting of the Tides" by Jim Byron

"My Night with Marv" by Niles Schwartz

"A Day on Dick Lake" by Michelle Lippman & Steven George **

"Forgot to Laugh (performers reel)" by Tony J.

"Awesome Burger" by Will Barker

"The Uncle Mike Show" by Cable Hardin

"Bathroom Thoughts" by Zephyr Sheedy

"Idiot Takes Pure Capsaicin" by Damien Q.

"The Saragasso Sea" by Deacon Warner

"Rough Cut" by Spencer Knott and Kevin Noonan *

"How to make a Hot Starbucks Frappe" by Carly Lieberman

"Advanced Education for Average Adults: Ghosts" by Alexandra Derderian, Peter Levine, & Stuart Roelke



December 4, 2020

WINNER: "Candice Black Hole, Episode 1" by Carly Lieberman



"This Couldn't Wait Until After Dinner?" by Rudy Pavich and Tom Busch

"Jonah CB - 9/Quarantine" by Jonah Castañeda Barry

"I'm A Kid: President" by Joel Erikkinen

"Cat Scratch" by Haley Jacobsen ***

"Candice Black Hole, Episode 1" by Carly Lieberman *

"Taking Back the City" by Jo Blakk, of The Oni Committtee

"Where Are You Now?" by Peter Levine

"Channel Surfing" by Jason P. Schumacher, Eleonore Dendy, Sarah Pray of GreyDuck Productions

"I moved the lamp in my room and it made me miss you more" by Zephyr Sheedy and Rachel Clark

"(Gimme) Goosebumps" by Kay Jay Olson

"Livestock | Ep 03 | Big Effects" by Ian Faria/Simple Town ***

"The Real Normies of Minnetonka" by Tyler Perry, Scott Gannis, & Michael Mazzitelli **

"2064" by Luke Strickler ***

"Do You Like It?" by Vi Angeli Lanot

"Bad Cop?" by Joey Hamburger

"Steep Terrain" by Spencer

"No Spills Thanksgiving" by William Banks and Caroline Yost

November 6, 2020

WINNER: "Safety Dance/Safety Death" by Jafaar Productions with the collaboration of Pat Walsh Industries, Cream it Off Celine, and JB Films



"Satan's Stash" by The Spring Park Boys

"eyes are mirrors everywhere i disappear (II. 2014, 2020 edit)" by Chloe Heymans

"Tar Sands...Bloody Hands" by Keegan Robinson

"Jinsu"  by Steve Makie

"Jimmy's Secret" by Kevin Kamin ***

"Golf Club" by Jim Warren

"Condos" by Keanu Burke and Taylor Copeland

"A Bowl of Soup" by Lukas Olson

"VIRUS ON MY MIND"  by Jennifer Neverdahl

"A.D.D." by Brandon Cole

"Supper" by Miquel Enrigue

"Ink Ode" by Colin Stanhill

"Don't Listen!" by Vi Angeli Lanot

"Safety Dance/Safety Death" by Jafaar Productions with the collaboration of Pat Walsh Industries, Cream it Off Celine, and JB Films *

"Head Alone (Unofficial Music Video" by Variah T. Shaux

"Can You Hear Me?" by Jonathan Shwolsky/ David Zepeda **

"Hell Day: Definitive Cut" by Jo.Blakk

October 2, 2020

WINNER: "Canners" by Nuevo Bros (Mike Borgen & Darren Doyle)



"The Caller Starring Scott Schulte" by Trevor Keeth

"Bootleggers" by Alexandra Derderian & Nik Kelliher, Triple Yeah Productions

"Canners" by Nuevo Bros (Mike Borgen & Darren Doyle) *

"The Staten Island Ferry Disaster" by Tony Juliano

"{SLING}"  by M. FIG

"A Short of an Apple" by Brian Isles and Ben Dvorak

"Fisheye" by John Rifici **

"IMAGINATIVE" by Vi Angeli Lanot

"Restaurant Industry" by Karla Mellett

"Unworthy: A Webseries"  by Blair Smith

"Inseparable" by Doug Phillips

"Perfection IV" by Nick Knutson

"Adulthood" by Tristan Crawford

"Too Many Billboards in the Twin Cities" by Kevin Kamin ***

"Where I'm From" by Natalie Marte

"Big Feet" by Cole Pivec and Oskar Robinson of COLEANDOSKARP Productions

"Nobody Cares" by Tim Fraser-Granados

September 4, 2020

WINNER: "Dental Illness" by Alexandra Derderian and Niklas Kelliher of Triple Yeah Productions

sept winneer.png


"This Is Going Really Well" by David Mair

"Mr. Mops" by Earl Martin

"Beaufort Spurtwinny's Ode to Claire & Denis, from the Work-in-Progress 'Beaufort Goes Squatching'" by Niles Schwartz & Marshall Bolin

"Take The Plunge Into the Depths of the Night"  by Lukas Olson & Winston Hekt

"Ocean Inn" by Penny Pauletich

"Sixth Floor" by Fern Butler & Mason Butler

"911" by Alison Guessou & Justin Christopher Ayd

"Untied" by Damien Quamme

"Dental Illness" by Alexandra Derderian and Niklas Kelliher of Triple Yeah Productions *

"Unwell"  by Andrew Marks

"Alone with Myself" by Tristan Crawford

"Sugar Blasters" by Sean A. Skinner

"Shut In" by Madison Wood

"SOMM" by Joey Hamburger ***

"TimeKeeper" by Travis Daniels

"Peanut Butter Man" by Tyler Perry and Michael Mazzitelli **

August 7, 2020

WINNER: "At The Drive Thru Window" by Will Barker



"LOBBY" by Helena Holland Brege

"Freaky Mime" by Steve Makie

"Change Starts with U.S.A." by Ryan J. Gilmer

"PROOF"  by Doug Phillips

"Hunter" by Miquel Enrigue

"One Love" by Karla Mellett **

"Printer" by Derek Bauer and Jes Kalina

"THE PIT, it breaks your heart" by Zephyr Sheedy

"Seasonally Affected Episode 2: Ball Hard"  by Steve Onderick

"Durga's Lockdown" by Mitesh Take

"Masculinity" by Jim Byron

"Flukt Club" by Nicholas Knutson

"Language Breakdown!" by Vanessa Horrocks

"At The Drive Thru Window" by Will Barker *

"Planet Bean [Official Music Video]" by COLEANDOSKARP ***

"Totally Terrorists" by Tyler Perry and Michael Mazzitelli

"relativ(ity)" by Josh Mruz

July 2, 2020

WINNER:"Lucky Strike" by Vanessa Horrocks



"Shopping From Home Network Yeah!" by Foreign Fauna

"Political Whether Report" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Zoloft by Ween" by Trevor Keeth & Ben Zlotucha

"Youngblood" by Tony J.

"Film Talk in a Covid World" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Super Smash Bros. Tournament 6: Episode 1" by 3GI

"It's Tough to be a Chair" by Will Barker ***

"After Hours" by Victoria Lowry

"Four on Nine Twenty-Four" by Zephyr Sheedy

"Quarantine (A Short Film Comedy)" by Clinton Toughill

"Don't Come Back (music video Immaculate Beings)" by Karla Mellet

"Pigeon Pirate Detectives" by Ryan Grams **

"Feygel" by Emily Fritz

"Ellen's Handler" by Sean A. Skinner

"Grade 'A' Steer" by Kevin Hogan

"Lucky Strike" by Vanessa Horrocks *

"College: The Documentary" by Matt Hodges

June 5, 2020

WINNER: "Spare Change" by Andrew Hunt



"The Long Walk" by Jim Cecil

"Legends of Kung-Fu 1: Fists of Vengeance" by Trevor Keeth

"Spare Change" by Andrew Hunt

"Att;ic" by Steve Makie

"Fuck Monsanto" by Coleandoskarp Productions

"Spare Change" by Andrew Hunt *


"Lifeguards Part 1" by Patrick Vanderkolk - Team Nattrot Productions

"Airshow" by Patrick Mccauley


"HUGO" by Justin Christopher Ayd

"A Cut Above The Rest" by Clinton 2-Hill & Brennan Keller

"Behind You" by Robert Kern III **

"Sonny" by Tony J

"Fancy Ray Visits the 3rd Precinct AutoZone Autonomous Zone" by Steve Onderick

"The Courier" by Madison Wood

"Coronavirus Day 5" by Kara

"Midnight Rose" by Vanessa M. H. Powers ***

May 1, 2020

WINNER: "Bryan Puts in His Two Weeks Notice" by Ryan Becken & Bryan McDonald

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-03 at 9.55.48 PM.


“Food Savior” by Oskar Robinson 

“Conductor”  by Josh Mruz

"Bryan Puts in His Two Weeks Notice" by Ryan Becken & Bryan McDonald *

“Hard Time and Throbbing Lust on Roberts Street” by Niles Schwartz

“You Don’t Get It” by Christina Motel

“Nothing” by J. Arney O’Neil

“The Mouth” by Mo Holmes

“Adventures of Glitter SIA and Commander Roe” by Benjamin Terry

“Big Brown’s TV Slapdown” by Cable Hardin

“Crulmn” by Michael Swearingen

“Girl's Night” Directed by Julie Anne Koehnen, Written & Produced by Sara Atkinson

“Wow, I Could Cry So Hard But I Would Rather Not :———)” by Zephyr Sheedy 

“ANSWERED PRAYERS” by Noah Lawrence-Holder

“Degenerate” by Jojo with assistance from James Schallenkamp

“Shrekalpyse now” by 3GI, Directed by Grant Duffrin, Special Effects by Matt Baehr **

“MPLS NPLS PSA” Helena & Jacob ***

April 3, 2020

WINNER: "There will be Bidet!"  by C.J. Renner & Ryan Grams



"Dooms Day" by Christina Motel

"My Right Finger or: And Love The Bomb Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood"  by Tony J.

"Squishy" by Zephyr Sheedy

"There will be Bidet!"  by C.J. Renner & Ryan Grams *

"Hard Quar Quarantine Cooking Show" by Caitlin Juvland

"Anton Chekhov’s The Seagul" by Niles Schwartz

"Kick Satan Out" by Luke Olson

"Exuberantly Cheerful Paree!" by Patrick McCauley

"History of Cinema" by Joey Hamburger **

"Safe! @ Home" by Ryan Gilmer

"Robo Racist" by Jennifer Nerverdahl

"For the Win" by Max Slocum ***

"Saturdaze" by Josh Mruz

"Six Girls One Cup" by Aimee Chenal

"Maple Syrup" by Conor Murphy

"Two hearts, One pup" by Brian Munson

March 6, 2020

WINNER: "Turnout" by Michael Van Swearingen

sios march winner final.jpg


"Crash Site" by Dean Hatton

"Abbie: AKA The Best of Channel 15" by Benjamin Terry

"January" by Alan Tracy

"Jedi Co-Worker" by Sam Weston

"Tim & Jake" by Lukas Olson

"Windy" by Terry McDaniel

"Journal October (I bought gloves that look like a camel toe)" by Zephyr

"Blacklisted & Blueballed: The Legend of Dom Laramie" by Sam Stiegelmeier & Drayke Larson

"Save the Planet, Kill Yourself: The Dream" by Steve Onderick

"Turnout" by Michael Van Swearingen

"Video Art Double Feature" by Caitlin Juvland

"Phantom of the Opera" by Karla Mellett

"Slowspeed Behind the Music - Peace of Mind" by Ryan Gilmer

"Lost Identities" by Brent Myrand

"Animal Control - or - My Previous Inner Animal" by Vitaly Katasonov

"One Small" by James Schallenkamp & Joe Mercier

"The Death of Me" by XamVision

February 7, 2020

WINNER: "Homie" by Nikhil Ganesh & AJ Molle



"Bike Trip" by Patrick McCauley 

"The Grifter" by William Hoben

"It's Not you" by Alyssa Teh

"Touchy Feely Christmas" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Slowspeed: Behind the Music - Lack of Love" by Ryan G. Gilmer

"Z-Day part 2" by Charlie Billadeau

"American Icarus: The Rise and Fall of Beaufort Spurtwinny" by Niles Schwartz & Ian Flomer

"M.M (Paperwork)" by Charlie Bruber & Murphy Janssen

"What Are We" by Michael Mazzitelli & Tyler Perry

"Meditate" by Emory Allen

"Homie" by Nikhil Ganesh & AJ Molle

"Don't Forget Your Bike" by Zephyr Sheedy

"My Tight Five" by Caitlin Juvland

"Schmidty Vacation" by Spencer Knott & Kevin Noonan

"Expansion Contraction" by Jacob Carrigan

"Time to Gettting Smarter" by Noah Lawrence-Holder & Dan Forke

January 3, 2020

WINNER: "Pubic Hair on my Vagina" by Caitlin Juvland

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-04 at 5.32.25 PM.


"Yeasty Escape" by Karla Mellett

"Beufort Spurtwinny Presents the Ballad of Frau Mulray & Skidmark Steve,

Including an Addendum by Herman Melville" by Niles Schwartz

"Flowers" by Jared Hada Smith & Timmy Schrader

"Pubic Hair on my Vagina" by Caitlin Juvland

"Dead Cell" by Penny Pauletich

"A Man with a Problem" by Chaz Larson

"Fiction vs. Reality: Creating IRL"by Ryan Gilmer

"Jurbathic Park" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Hog Stunts" by Patrick McCauley

"Z-Day: Part I" Charlie Billadin

"Transmission" by Josh Bartyzal

"Dead Ringer" by Douglas Alan Byrne

"Hardcore Porn" by Tony J.

"Car Seat" by Tyler Perry

"A Refugee's Story: Khamsay Huang" by Kelly Huang

"I'm so Nancy" by Michael Mazzitelli & Tyler Perry



December 6, 2019

WINNER: "Frost Bite" by Andrew Hunt



"Dead Cell" by Penny Pauletich

"The Ballad of Late Night Craig" by Matthew Schmitz

"Bright Light" by John Gigrich

"The Hardfloor Henry" by Jauston Campbell & Andrew Mueller

"The Facts: Movie Pass" by Ryan Gilmer

"Silly Lil' Squirrel" by Benjamin Terry

"The Conditioning Program" by Don Cummings

"Just Fucking Do It!" by Iris Page & Joey Hamburger

"Ghost Finders" by Tyler Perry & Michael Mazzitelli 

"Prime" by Spencer Knott

"Smorgasbord" by Spencer Knott & Kevin Noonan

"Emile" by Joseph Dutra

"Frost Bite" by Andrew Hunt

"Hunting with Cocker Spaniels" by Caitlin Juvland

"Antenna Dilemma" by Aimee Chenal & Alex Yambrick

"When you were Born" by Zephyr Sheedy

"Science Jerks: How Crap is Formed" by Jennifer Neverdahl

November 1, 2019

WINNER: "Television Hackers" by Joey Hamburger



"Stone Cold Skipping" by Spencer Knott & Kevin Noonan

"The Big Cheese" by Jauston Charles

"Haunting the Haunted" by John Gigrich

"Les Pubes" by Erik Anderson

"The Big Job" by Sean Cook

"New York" by E.A. James

"Do the Kris Lindahl" by Tyler Perry & Michael Mazzatelli

"Mishavision" by Mishavision

"CLOPS" by Karla Mellet

"Red" by Madison Wood

"The Search for Mothfoot" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Dad's Gonna be Pissed" by Rudy Pavich

"What's that Noise?" by Alex Kouhi

"Apple Golf" by Patrick McCauley 

"Tony's Dirty Shorts" by Tony Juliano

"Death of a Vibrator" by Caitlin Juvland 

"Television Hackers" by Joey Hamburger

September 14, 2019

WINNER: "It's Not Easy" by Ray Heikkila & Noah Schmidt



"Tired Blood" by Zach Baltich & Maggie Royce

"Swords Woman" by Sam Weston

"Fair-Weather Friends" by Jim Byron & Misha Estron

"Black Sun" by Adam Burke

"It's Not Easy" by Ray Heikkila & Noah Schmidt

"Date Night" by Jahnnalee Randall

"Save the Planet, Kill Yourself: Jerry Springer Part 2" by Steve Onderick

"The No Zone Layer" by Kevin Noonan, Zach Hansen, & Spencer Knott

"Hell Toupee" by Samuel Stiegelmeier

"Now Infinite" by Destiny Soria

"Riled Child" by Kyle Thornton

"Made?" by Caitlin Juvland

"A Father's Love" by Tyler Perry & Michael Mazzitelli

"From Russia with #likes"Josh Bartyzal & Sean Cook

"Dog Teeth" Gabriel Johnson

"No Sex from the Pizza Place (short version)" by Niles Schwartz

August 3, 2019

WINNER: "Clean Cut" by Andrew Hunt



"Explosive Birthday" by Jahnnalee Randall

"Proof" by Doug Phillips

"[ERROR] data.frame" by Maura Ojeda

"Spaghetti Time" by Felix Ulrich

"A Day with Shane" by Eric Doyle

"Taichi Master vs Detroit Steel" by Benjamin Terry

"The Polish Bear" by Joe Gunderson

"Results" by Penny Pauletich

"A PSA" by Melissa Smith

"Since I Fell for You - the Arias" by Noah Gunderson

"The Notification" by Ellie Drews

"Clean Cut" by Andrew Hunt

"Rose / Counting Sheep" by Tony Juliano

"Anymore - The Arias" by Tony Arias

"Beneath the Ink" by Cy Dodson

"The Outlaw" by Wayne Johnson

July 5, 2019

WINNER: "Unspoken" by Kelly Huang



"Belongings" by Joseph Dutra

"Big Rat Adventure at Burning Man" by Vitaly Katasonov

"Swiped Out" by Kevin Kamin

"Chuck'd" by Joe Hegle

"Unspoken" by Kelly Huang

"Twelve" by Penny Pauletich

"KAT" by Ellie Drews

"Nobody" by Nicholas Hanke & Steve Gilmer

"Delano: Spirit of a Community & Celebration" by Ryan Gilmer

"Menial Aspirations" by Jennifer Anderson & Brian Fleming

"The Nihilist" by Wayne Johnson & Brendan Eddy

"Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" by Tony J.

"Loose Ends" by Niles Schwartz

"Horsejuice" by Maheer Saadman

"Awkweird" by Josh Mruz

"Age of Aquarium" by Patrick McCauley

May 18, 2019

WINNER: "Witches of Wonder" by John Gigrich



"Science Jerks: How Crap is Formed" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Catacombs" by Patrick McCauley

"Witches of Wonder" by John Gigrich

"Summer of '99" by Christopher Bales & Jake Mierva

"Howie's Drinking Eye" by Darwin Holmstrom, Nicole Burle, & Mike Burle

"Springer: Part 1" by Steve Onderick

"Farmer John v. the World: No Pain No Gain" by Ryan Gilmer

"Sloth Life" by Brian Fleming

"Diary of 4 Seasons" by Chris Lange

"Beached" by Josh Mruz

"Chef's Dish" by Joey Hamburger

"Beware the Watcher" by Wayne Johnson 

"Fly Swatter Assassin" by Karla Mellett

"Jesus Fish" by Michael Farrell

"Owls" by Xaria Rose & Tom Bailey

April 5, 2019

WINNER: "Toast of the Town" by Dan Larson & Matthew Schmitz 



"War & Pizza" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Full Send" by Jojo Mercier

"Date Night" by Gabriel Johnson

"Confession to our Local Whole Foods" by Isabela Escalona

"Homebound LGB" by Laila Bansaad-Johnson

"Humpy" by Tony J

"Wacipi" by John Gigrich

"Seasonally Affected - Nesting Instinct" by Steve Onderick

"Animal Control or My Precious Inner Animal" by Vitaly Katasonov

"Amazing Grace" by Michael Farrell 

"Toast of the Town" by Dan Larson & Matthew Schmitz 

"Old Enough to Drink" by Justin & Kristin Schaack

"Sperm Bank" by Corey Onderick

"doinghisbest" by James Schallenkamp

"Game Night" by Ryan Gilmer

January 18, 2019

WINNER: "I'm Walkin' Here" by Kate McCarthy



"Noir" by Sarai Lewis

"From the River" by Nathan Block

"Animal Control or My Precious Inner Animal" by Vitaly Katasonov

"My Father" by Joseph Dutra

"Adulthood" by Justin & Kristin Schaack

"I'm Walkin' Here" by Kate McCarthy

"A Dog Leashed" by Dane Cree

"Threads" by Sy Schimberg & Ben Kaiser

"A Portrait of my Love" by Matthew Schmitz

"Elipse" by Sameer Dongree

"Lifeline" by Ryan Gilmer

"Recalibrate" by John Gigrich

"Lucky Rabbit's Foot" by Aaron Job

"Love Story #2" by Karla Mellett

"Chaz Casio" by Steven George

"Pigeon" by Chris Lange

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