Second Fridays

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Dec 10th Deadline is Dec 4th at Midnight

!!!!! ONLY submit if you'll be tuning in !!!!!

This show's purpose is to give filmmakers live feedback.

Each person is permitted ONE submission / competition.

Submitting more than ONE film, even if on the behalf of others,

will result in banning you from the competition FOR 8 YEARS.

If a film you entered in the past was not drawn from the lottery to compete,

you can keep submitting the same film until it's drawn. No edits required. 

All qualifying submissions will be entered into a lottery.
10 Filmmakers will be randomly selected to compete, 15 minutes prior to showtime.

LIVE on YouTube
Friday, December 10th

5:45 PST  |  7:45 CST  |  8:45 EST


Submit your Short Film
Read each of the following carefully and slowly. Check all that describe your film. All boxes must be checked in order to qualify. If you can't honestly check one of the boxes, you can leave now. Sorry. If we catch you lying, you'll be banned for 8 years & publicly smeared.

Good Work Detective.

If you're seeing this, we've got your entry.

Email any questions to

See you Friday, Dec 10th!

Don't be late.