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Next Show: October 6

Submission Deadline: October 1

Short Film Entry Requirements:

  1. Must be your own original work

  2. Must be less than 15 minutes

  3. No Commercials or Reels (exception: parodies) 

  4. NEW RULE: All films must include subtitles (burned into the video). Caption all spoken word. Song lyrics should be in italics, and sound effects in parenthesis. There are online tools that can automate this for you.

  5. Only Official Music Videos are permitted (no fan videos)

  6. You must have all necessary rights for your film, and exhibition of your film must not breach or infringe upon any rights including music, images, and any other content.

  7. Must comply with YouTube community guidelines. Click HERE if you're unsure.

  8. One Film Entry / Person or Group to each month's competition

  9. If a film gets GONGED, it can be re-worked and re-submit to future competition. 


Things you should know:

If you break any of the entry rules listed above you will be banned & blacklisted from the competition for 8 long years. People will spit on your name.

There is no fee for submitting a film, but we do ask that filmmakers purchase their own tickets to the event. If paying for entry prevents you from attending, let us know and we'll work something out. We recommend purchasing tickets with URGENCY, as this show sells out weeks in advance.

If you're not able to attend, feel free to submit regardless. We'll show your film if we don't get enough entries from filmmakers who are able to attend in-person, which is often the case. 

If we receive more than 15 entries, we'll give precedence to filmmakers who will be attending the show in-person, and filmmakers who are new to the competition.

If your entry doesn't make it into the competition, you can submit the same film each month until it makes it into the show. No edits required. You will need to re-submit the entry form each month. 

Films that have compete in the online show are permitted to enter the show at the Parkway as well.

If a film was gonged at a previous competition, filmmakers are invited to re-work it and try it out on the audience again. Substantial edits required.

Submission Form
Below are entry requirements. Check all that apply to your film entry. If you can’t check all the boxes, this is not the competition for you. The checking of these boxes is legally binding and if caught lying you’ll be banned for 8 years.

Good Work Detective.

If you're seeing this, we've got your entry.

Email any questions to

See you Friday, October 6!

Doors open @ 7pm. Don't be late, be early.

This show sells out, so buy your tickets in advance.

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