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SCREAM it off SCREEN's sister music endeavor releases one song / month in a new and interesting way to the SIOS audience (also available on all streaming platforms). All songs are free and available to be used in any independent short film. Email screamitoffscreen@gmail  for the files. 


"Weekend Redux"
released May 5, 2023

A psychedelic anthem, featuring dreamy rhythms and layered instrumentation that combine into a decadent listening experience. It's about the hazy, lazy days of summer and the innocence (and ignorance) of youth.

21st Century America - Weekend Redux - Album Art.png

"Endless Nights"
released April 7, 2023

Motherly love, fatal sibling rivalry, and the weight of commercialism that's breaking all our backs. Fun Fact: this song was performed at the MN State Fair talent contest, but lost to a K-pop dance crew. 

21st Century America - Endless Nights - Album Art.jpg

released March 3, 2023

A nostalgic love song about a surprise visit from an old friend that leads to an enlightening night,
a night that tethers them together for life. 

21st Century America - Streetlight - Album Art.jpg

Below you'll find the iconic music video filmed live at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis with a sold out (and salivating) crowd.

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