How to Submit your Short Film: 

Go to the "SUBMIT" tab of this website and complete the form at the bottom of the page. Our competitions are held the first Friday of every month, and the deadline to submit will always be the Monday before any given competition at Midnight Central Standard Time. All qualifying submissions will be entered into a lottery, and MR. BALL will randomly select 15 filmmakers to compete 15 minutes prior to showtime. Bare eyewitness to MR. BALL's secure randomization process by tuning into the show early on the First Friday of every month. Unselected films can be entered again without any edits.

Submission Requirements:

  1. Must be 3-15 minutes long

  2. Must be your own original work (filmed or animated by YOU)

  3. No Commercials or Reels

  4. Only Official Music Videos are permitted

  5. You must have all necessary rights for your film, and exhibition of your film must not breach or infringe upon any rights including music, images, and any other content.

  6. Must comply with YouTube community guidelines. Click HERE if you're unsure:

  7. One Film Entry / Person or Group

  8. If a film is drawn from the lottery to compete and gets GONGED, it can be re-worked and re-submit to future competition. 

  9. Films not drawn from the lottery can be entered to future competitions without any edits.

The “Gong”:

Audience members will vote "LET it PLAY!" or "GONG it!"on each film when a tiny red square enters the corner of the screen and a link to vote is provided in the chat. If "GONG it!" is the majority, the film will be cut short and we'll move on to introducing the next. Gonged films are disqualified from winning the cash prize, but can be reworked and resubmit to a future competition.

  • Films less than 4 minutes will get the red square at the half way point.

  • Films more than 4 minutes will get the red square at the 3 minute mark.  

How to Win: At the end of the night, each viewer will cast a vote for their favorite film using a link provided in the chat. The winner will then be announced LIVE on AIR. Winners will go on to compete in The Best of The Best of The Year where the prize will be much, much nastier (more details to come).

What's the BIG NASTY Prize: $101.01 fatties. In order to fund BIG NASTY, we need help from people like you, your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, and strangers. Chip in if you can. All donations up to $101.01 go straight to the winner, anything above and beyond will go towards keeping SCREAM it off SCREEN alive and well.