When & Where to Submit your Film: This varies month-to-month. We'll confirm submission date and location on our Facebook page, the Facebook event page, Instagram posts, and all over this stinking website.  


Submissions are [typically] accepted the Tuesday or Wednesday before each show.


If the show is being held "in the flesh", you will need to physically bring yourself to the pre-determined meeting location, at 7pm on the pre-determined date to submit your film. Be there promptly at 7PM. Anyone who arrives after 7PM will not be entered into the lottery. See "How the Lottery Works" for more information.


If the show is being held virtually on YouTube live stream, we will accept the first 15 short film entries that pop into our email inbox on the pre-determined submissions date. The time will always 7pm in the Central Time Zone. Any email entries received prior to 7pm CT on submissions day will be disqualified. We will play the films in the order they were received on the night of the competition. 

How the Lottery Works: The lottery system will only be used when submissions are help in person and there are more than 15 filmmakers there to submit. The number of filmmakers present will be counted. That many numbers will be put into a hat. Each filmmaker will draw a number. Whoever draws numbers 1-15 will compete in the show that Friday night. Free admission is given to one director / competing film. Filmmakers must be present at the screening in order to win the BIG cash prize. 

What to Bring: Bring the film you'd like to submit on a thumb drive for us to upload on our laptop, and then we'll give you your thumb drive back. You can also email a link for us to download to If you email us a link, you (or someone on your behalf) will still need to be at Turtle Bread in person to get a spot in line. WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Vimeo work best for downloads. Do not send us a youtube link.  


1. 15 minutes or less (no minimum requirement)

2. Your own work (filmed/created by YOU)

3. No Commercials

4. One film / person

5. The same film can only be re-submit if it has been gonged at a previous competition, AND re-worked by the filmmaker. 

The “Gong”:

All films will run, without interruption until the gong is illuminated by the red light.

Films < 4 minutes will get the red light at the half way point.

Films > 4 minutes will get the red light at the 3 minute mark.  


If the show is held in the flesh, the red light grants the audience permission to cut a film short by collectively yelling "GONG". All gonged films will be disqualified, and no longer eligible to win the BIG CASH PRIZE. If an audience member likes the film, they'll keep their mouths shut. If someone is calling out for the gong, they yell out "LET IT PLAY" to combat them. If it sounds like a toss up between the gongers and the let-it-players, the film will be paused, and the let-it-players will be asked to stand in solidarity. If a majority of the theater is standing, the film will play in it's entirety with no further interruptions. 

If the show is being live streamed on YouTube, a little red light will appear in the bottom left hand corner, letting viewers know it's time to vote for the GONG or to LET IT PLAY by using a link that will be provided in the live chat box. If the gongers are in majority, the film will be cut short and we'll move on to the next. Any film that's gonged, will not be eligible to win the cash prize.

Re-work & Re-submit: If you get gonged, don’t be discouraged. You can re-submit the same film at another one of our competition in the future, but it MUST be re-worked. If it’s not reworked, your name is blacklisted forever, and you will never compete again. SORRY!! This gives filmmakers the opportunity to rework their films and try it out on the audience again. If a film was NOT gonged, it can NOT be re-submit in the future. 

How to win: Gonged films will be disqualified from the competition. Crowd applause determines the BIG Cash Prize Winner at the live events, and a link to vote will be provided for viewers to cast their votes when the show is streamed live. 

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