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"Hecklers Rule Monthly Film Fest"

by Mason Butler

MN Daily

"Scream It Off Screen: Get gonged or get rich"

by Bel Moran


Axios Twin Cities

"Get ready to yell at short film fest Scream It Off Screen"

by Audrey Kennedy


"Unique Minneapolis film festival allows audience to loudly jeer their least favorites"

by Maury Glover


Southside Pride

"To boo or not to boo? The Parkway Theater’s ‘SCREAM it off SCREEN’ evenings let you decide"

by Stephanie Fox


MN Daily

"Scream It Off Screen: A short-film competition for the bravest of filmmakers"

by Jarrett George-Ballard

*** CityPages also wrote x2 lovely stories about SCREAM it off SCREEN, but the publication has since dissolved along with all archival materials. Sad, innit?

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