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Corporate Career Fair 


It’s important to provide a safe and healthy environment, especially since health and safety violations can cause harm, cost money and damage your reputation.

A clear and concise code of conduct can help people understand your expectations in terms of performance and behavior. A policy might include specific rules related to substance abuse, giving gifts, dress code, confidentiality, and even the use of cell phones or social media during work hours. Misunderstandings may still occur, but at least pupils have something to refer to if they’re unsure about what your expectations are.

Having a standard way to request a show date off  will help things run more smoothly. You should outline how much time off is permitted, when and how they can accrue more time off, who they should contact to request their time off and anything else they may need to know about time off (for example: is vacation use-it-or-lose-it?). 


You can also choose to create a separate attendance policy or no call no show policy that outlines what is considered tardy, how far in advance they should request time off and what happens if they don’t show up for SCREAM it off SCREEN.

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