Short Film Gong Show 

The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN

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September 2, 2022

WINNER: "All For A Dollar" by Richard Orr (deceased, but represented by daughter & granddaughter picture below)

Winner Photo_2022_09_02.jpg


"Caitlin and Brenna Take on Gustavus" by Caitlin Juvland

"Lovin' Life -- Anger" by Remy Chacón

"Labyrinth" by Taylor Fischer

"Tales of Oddness" by Craig Stalmer

"Printer" by Derek Bauer & Jes Kalina

"Space Boys" by Stephen Kubiak

"Late for Work" by Joah Colby

"FestiVista" by Bobby PIns

"All For A Dollar" by Richard Orr

"Six Girls One Cup" by Aimee Chenal

"Yodel Boy from Wal-mart in the Future" by Cody Klipsic

"Bilowgeeni (Remix)" by Rumay Ali & Nemuel Sereti

"Ruby" by Kyle Thornton & Nick Michael

"Fitness Nuts" by Steve Onderick & Chris Lange

"Stinky’s Big Adventure - 
a Bush League Holiday Special of a Mike Honcho Joint"
Ryan J. Gilmer