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November 6th, 2020


"Safety Dance/Safety Death" by Jafaar Productions with the collaboration of Pat Walsh Industries, Cream it Off Celine, and JB Films

scream it off screen award winning short film


"Satan's Stash" by The Spring Park Boys

"eyes are mirrors everywhere i disappear (II. 2014, 2020 edit)" by Chloe Heymans

"Tar Sands...Bloody Hands" by Keegan Robinson

"Jinsu"  by Steve Makie

"Jimmy's Secret" by Kevin Kamin (3RD PLACE)

"Golf Club" by Jim Warren

"Condos" by Keanu Burke and Taylor Copeland

"A Bowl of Soup" by Lukas Olson

"VIRUS ON MY MIND"  by Jennifer Neverdahl

"A.D.D." by Brandon Cole

"Supper" by Miquel Enrigue

"Ink Ode" by Colin Stanhill

"Don't Listen!" by Vi Angeli Lanot

"Head Alone (Unofficial Music Video" by Variah T. Shaux

"Can You Hear Me?" by Jonathan Shwolsky/ David Zepeda (2ND PLACE)

"Hell Day: Definitive Cut" by Jo.Blakk