Short Film Gong Show 

The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN

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March 6th, 2020


"Turnout" by Michael Van Swearingen

scream it off screen award winning short film


"Crash Site" by Dean Hatton

"Abbie: AKA The Best of Channel 15" by Benjamin Terry

"January" by Alan Tracy

"Jedi Co-Worker" by Sam Weston

"Tim & Jake" by Lukas Olson

"Windy" by Terry McDaniel

"Journal October (I bought gloves that look like a camel toe)" by Zephyr

"Blacklisted & Blueballed: The Legend of Dom Laramie" by Sam Stiegelmeier & Drayke Larson

"Save the Planet, Kill Yourself: The Dream" by Steve Onderick

"Video Art Double Feature" by Caitlin Juvland

"Phantom of the Opera" by Karla Mellett

"Slowspeed Behind the Music - Peace of Mind" by Ryan Gilmer

"Lost Identities" by Brent Myrand

"Animal Control - or - My Previous Inner Animal" by Vitaly Katasonov

"One Small" by James Schallenkamp & Joe Mercier

"The Death of Me" by XamVision