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Short Film Gong Show 

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March 5th, 2021


"Craigslisters - Story Time - Horny Fart" by Willie Maglothin

scream it off screen "Craigslisters - Story Time - Horny Fart" by Willie Maglothin


"Bygone: The Cassette" by Ben Williams & Anushka Daga

"GAME ON" by Ryan Gilmer

"Doctor Peepenstein" by David Mair, Rebecca Jo Malmström, Adam Overland (3RD PLACE)

"please hold my hand" by Ches Cipriano & Jake Quatt

"THE FEAR" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Jado: A Sith Story" by Ryne Myhrberg

"Serious Business" by Spencer Knott & Kevin Noonan

"Birding" by Keanu Burke & Dylan Kaufman

"I'll Be Home (Immaculate Beings)" by Karla Mellett

"Dominos: It's Your Fault " by Alexandra Derderian & Niklas Kelliher of Triple Yeah Productions

"TWENTY TWENTY - Part 1" by Dave Sweeney & Nicholas M. Garofolo

"Ballet Floss" by Erin and Caro

"Hubbards" by Kevin Ralston (2ND PLACE)

"The Host Cell" by Joey Hamburger

"Dogman" by Spencer H and Sam

"The Legend of Red Shroud" by Stewart McLain

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