Short Film Gong Show 

The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN

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June 3, 2022

WINNER"Egg" by Stephanie IbarraAnna Torzullo

june 6 winner_EGG.jpg


"I Have A Spherical Device That Can Control The Weather" by Cory Rosen

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E2 Scream Edition - Life 360" by Ryan J. Gilmer
"Birthday Boy" by Stephen Kubiak
"The Chair" by Chunky Milk Productions

"When All This Is Over"  by Calvin Keyes
"Once Upon A Time At Breakfast" by Zach Hammill

"Magic Invincible Chainmail Bikini Adventurer"  by Craig Stalmer

"An Occurrence at Owl Airport" by Henry Gillette
"Rays Of Nope" by
Billy Blob

"Egg" by Stephanie IbarraAnna Torzullo

"Black Coats Infomercial( 2010) StudentProject4KAnniversaryEdition" by Cody Klipsic

"Lovin' Life" by Remy Chacón

"Muffin Day"  by Pablo Jones

"Organs of the Hyperreal" by Steve Onderick

"Boozehound" by Tristan Crawford