Short Film Gong Show 

The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN

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July 1, 2022

WINNER: "Jesus Loves Us (As We Know)by Sam & Asher Weisberg / Commutator Collective

(Rosie also pictured because if she hadn't given them covid, the film never would have happened)



"Lovin' Life -- Rat Teeth" by Remy Chacón

"Detached" by Emory Allen ***
"Mary Dan Food Review 3" by Mary Danielson
"The Efforts of Existing, pt. 1 The Girl" by Mai Moua Thao

"Gleahan and the Knaves of Industry, Part I"  by Samuel T Weston
"Jesus Loves Us (As We Know)" by Sam & Asher Weisberg / Commutator Collective *

"The Catastrophe  by Matt J Weber

"Enter the Documents (1 of 2)" by Steve Onderick
"To Be 17" by Lilliana Rice

"CATATONIC" by Brian Zahm

"Stanley Stories: Road Trip!" by Cody Klipsic

"Perfection Five" by Nick Knutson

"mi-fi"  by David Mair **

"Shoe Comedy" by Stephen Kubiak

"The Quarantine Files Year 1 - S1 E3 Scream Edition - Game Night: Life 360"  by Ryan J. Gilmer