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July 2nd, 2020


"Lucky Strike" by Vanessa Horrocks

scream it off screen award winning short film


"Shopping From Home Network Yeah!" by Foreign Fauna

"Political Whether Report" by Jennifer Neverdahl

"Zoloft by Ween" by Trevor Keeth & Ben Zlotucha

"Youngblood" by Tony J.

"Film Talk in a Covid World" by Ryan J. Gilmer

"Super Smash Bros. Tournament 6: Episode 1" by 3GI

"It's Tough to be a Chair" by Will Barker (3RD PLACE)

"After Hours" by Victoria Lowry

"Four on Nine Twenty-Four" by Zephyr Sheedy

"Quarantine (A Short Film Comedy)" by Clinton Toughill

"Don't Come Back (music video Immaculate Beings)" by Karla Mellet

"Pigeon Pirate Detectives" by Ryan Grams (2ND PLACE)

"Feygel" by Emily Fritz

"Ellen's Handler" by Sean A. Skinner

"Grade 'A' Steer" by Kevin Hogan

"College: The Documentary" by Matt Hodges