Short Film Gong Show 

The Parkway Theater in Minneapolis, MN

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December 6th, 2019


"Frost Bite" by Andrew Hunt

scream it off screen award winning short film


"Dead Cell" by Penny Pauletich

"The Ballad of Late Night Craig" by Matthew Schmitz

"Bright Light" by John Gigrich

"The Hardfloor Henry" by Jauston Campbell & Andrew Mueller

"The Facts: Movie Pass" by Ryan Gilmer

"Silly Lil' Squirrel" by Benjamin Terry

"The Conditioning Program" by Don Cummings

"Just Fucking Do It!" by Iris Page & Joey Hamburger

"Ghost Finders" by Tyler Perry & Michael Mazzitelli 

"Prime" by Spencer Knott

"Smorgasbord" by Spencer Knott & Kevin Noonan

"Emile" by Joseph Dutra

"Hunting with Cocker Spaniels" by Caitlin Juvland

"Antenna Dilemma" by Aimee Chenal & Alex Yambrick

"When you were Born" by Zephyr Sheedy

"Science Jerks: How Crap is Formed" by Jennifer Neverdahl