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December 4th, 2020


"Candice Black Hole, Episode 1" by Carly Lieberman

scream it off screen award winning short film "Candice Black Hole, Episode 1" by Carly Lieberman


"This Couldn't Wait Until After Dinner?" by Rudy Pavich and Tom Busch

"Jonah CB - 9/Quarantine" by Jonah Castañeda Barry

"I'm A Kid: President" by Joel Erikkinen

"Cat Scratch" by Haley Jacobsen (TIED FOR 3RD PLACE)

"Taking Back the City" by Jo Blakk, of The Oni Committtee

"Where Are You Now?" by Peter Levine

"Channel Surfing" by Jason P. Schumacher, Eleonore Dendy, Sarah Pray of GreyDuck Productions

"I moved the lamp in my room and it made me miss you more" by Zephyr Sheedy and Rachel Clark

"(Gimme) Goosebumps" by Kay Jay Olson

"Livestock | Ep 03 | Big Effects" by Ian Faria/Simple Town (TIED FOR 3RD PLACE)

"The Real Normies of Minnetonka" by Tyler Perry, Scott Gannis, & Michael Mazzitelli (2ND PLACE)

"2064" by Luke Strickler (TIED FOR 3RD PLACE)

"Do You Like It?" by Vi Angeli Lanot

"Bad Cop?" by Joey Hamburger

"Steep Terrain" by Spencer

"No Spills Thanksgiving" by William Banks and Caroline Yost